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BPD (Bouwfonds Property Development) is one of the largest area developers in Europe. We operate in the Netherlands and Germany and have realised the houses and neighbourhoods of over one million Europeans. Since our foundation in 1946, we have facilitated the construction of over 320,000 houses, and today, over one million Europeans live in areas and districts that carry our mark. That makes us one of the largest area developers in Europe. With over 30 regional offices in economically thriving areas we are deeply ingrained in three principal residential markets and foster close relationships with local partners, market players and future residents.

Creating living environments

At BPD we strive to contribute to creating ‘ living environments’, environments that live in their own right. Places that offer personal sanctuary, yet also encourage a sense of community, and are bustling with activity on the streets outside. We maintain an unwavering focus on the quality of urban developments and pay meticulous attention to every detail that may impact the well-being of future residents. Ranging from the layout of public areas to landscaping. From architectural diversity and harmony to safety and accessibility.

Born in The Netherlands, raised in Europe

BPD was founded in 1946 by a number of Dutch municipalities. The Netherlands was faced with huge housing shortages, and we created funds in order to make the construction of affordable new homes possible. This approach allowed us to meet a huge need, and today there are over 320,000 houses in that were built with our help. Since then we have grown to become a leading area developer in Europe. With 6 offices in the Netherlands and 8 in Germany. In 2006 we became a part of Rabo Real Estate Group, which is a full subsidiary of Rabobank. This has given us freedom and stability, allowing us to concentrate on our area of expertise: creating ‘living environments’, where a house is a home and life is good.

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Synchroon developers

Synchroon is a project development company with its main focus on housing and retail locations in the city. The city inspires us to create an environment that really adds beauty and care for its people and nature. We feel a great responsibility towards social involvement. This target gives our team strength in its pursuit to enhance urban life.

People working at Synchroon are fully committed and feel proud to be able to contribute to add beauty and comfort to life in the city. They want to make sure that the city is a wonderful place to live and work. This makes a strong team. The team is always aiming to develop original and powerful projects that surprise and satisfy our clients.

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Exciting concepts

It’s our job to be innovative, as innovation leads to new and exciting – often sustainable – concepts. Concepts that make our clients happy. Currently we are working on the development of ECO Space, a new concept of small housing combined with a high level of sustainable architectural solutions. Our XS Deluxe project consists of small, but very comfortable city apartments that give a new perspective on living space. The XS Deluxe apartments are suitable for many different lifestyles, with luxury, comfort and maximum convenience going hand-in-hand with shared amenities for the entire building. A perfect fit for new urbanites. Synchroon is the first project developer in The Netherlands that specialises in online marketing. Our company yoreM is focused on online advertising, data & research and website development.

Synchroon has the right to exist, because there is a continuing need for first-rate project developers in The Netherlands. We invest in cities where the demand for housing and the redevelopment of existing shopping centres and real estate increases, where the planning processes are complex and the project areas are diverse. Synchroon knows how to translate consumer preferences to development products and is the perfect partner for product marketing.

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